Little Jazzie has had a busy September! She hasn't gotten into her newly assigned classroom for pet therapy this school year (as yet) .... red tape can take so long. In the mean time Jazzie has been gracious enough to assist me in my two-year training to becoming a Telling Touch practitioner. Even the well behaved lady that Jazz is, she has benefited from the experience; physically, emotionally and behaviorally.

This is Jazz and Nestle at our TTACT (Tellington Touch Animal Companion Training) session two weeks ago. Sound asleep, but clearly demonstrating Jazz's left leg resting at a steep upward angle. Because she sleeps like this naturally, Nestle's nose is probably providing some gentle support to this unnatural body position. She's since been receiving regular Ttouches to the area and now rests with legs comfortably on the floor, rather than poking up like a broomstick.

Here's my two "golden girls" Jazz and daughter, Sarah, at an annual pet blessing in Oak Ridge, TN this afternoon. They won the "look alike" contest, the large pet-themed tin containing treats, toys and goodies. Lovely girls!

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