Something I've been exploring for a couple of months now with amazing results and would like very much to share: Tellington Touch. Truly amazing in its simple application, positive reception and phenomenal results. Jazz has blossomed more so as a therapy dog and has grown emotionally and spiritually in her own being.

Tellington Touch ("Ttouch") springs forth from our understanding of the nervous system in every being and the knowledge that every cell of our being has a specific purpose and function for which it is perfectly adapted. If an area is hurt, each cell has within itself the power to heal and restore itself to perfection. "Hurt" may have stressed and tightened the area to result in a sort of starvation, or disconnect. Lighting up the area, awakening the nerves to stimulate and "feed" the area begins the reintegration of the cells, healing and returning to perfection. Nerves stimulate, generate and integrate our very beings.

Unlike massage which manipulates and stimulates muscle, Ttouch manipulates and stimulates nerves feeding the muscle, tendons, etc. Tension, pain, trauma, fear, anger, anxiety, etc., are all stored within the body and the nervous system is the connection. We can stimulate areas of nerves to relieve physical/emotional stresses trapped within the body. This takes very little force/pressure and is quite easy to do and experience. The results are amazing.

Jazz has found more self confidence and comfort in being handled/petted by strangers and now has the confidence to guide her admirer in where she would like to be petted. She is much more willing to visit a wider variety of patients. Joy in her therapy visits is much more apparent and our communication/enjoyment of each other has increased greatly.

Patient touch is also a kindness that goes unspoken. A gentle touch on the arm is non-invasive and an unspoken empathy or kindness. With touch becoming less and less done in our society it is an unconscious thing all humans are quietly missing, most especially the elderly and the very young and most severely in the health care industry where a caring touch can mean so very much.