Close Call

No matter how well behaved, how well trained, how loyal, there is still that one moment that can change everything. Today I had that moment and I was lucky.... Nestle was more fortunate.

Nestle had been ringing his bell to go outside for some time ("must be serious!"), so I let him out expecting him to urinate asap. Instead he ran towards the grassed area and was immediately obscured by my husbands' truck. I made tracks towards the nearby road to "block" Nestle from running out into the road.... only then to see him RUN INTO THE ROAD! A truck was right there. There was nothing I could do but watch in horror as my little dog died.

But, the Gods were with him. He hit the front passenger wheel and was knocked unconscious immediately. The force of the impact sent him spinning further underneath the vehicle, but thank the heavens above, he did not impact any other wheel.

I ran out to find him out cold and stiff. I carefully picked him up and was off to the vet in record time. Nestle came to as I put the car in motion and deficated in my lap (I didn't notice for quite some time!). He seemed alert and I held him close as I sped to the vet.

Nestle was seen by the vet no less than 30 minutes after his brush with death. Other than an apparent head injury, he is fine. He received a cortizone shot to help stave off any brain swelling and reduce any pain.

I am thanking God. Never again will that dog exit the shop off lead.


Happy New Year!

Tiz been a month or more since Jazz has had a post! She hopes everyone had a lovely holiday season! Christmas is the time for depression as well as the new year.... so hug your dog!

Jazz went to Northern Virginia for two weeks followed by a busy, busy time in the life of her humans. Today... at long last... she visited with her elementary school children. What a treat! All the kids were delighted to see her and she heard from two very engaging readers that relaxed her right to sleepy land!

Jazz's dear beloved stroke patient was moved to another facility during the Christmas break. Good for him, sad for Jazz. We'll miss him. Jazz wishes the very best in his recovery!

Welcome to 2009...... here's to hopes for a bright and furry new year!

Blurry but cute....Jazz cuddled in a fav blankie