A Fond Farewell

MacKenzie Isle of Skye
Border Collie
B: 6-06-1994 - D: 7-23-2008
Aged 14 years
Sleep well old friend

May God hold you in the palm of his loving hands. Your memory will always fill our hearts as we recall the glorious days of your life: The hikes we took, the daily swims off our dock, the agility shows, obedience trials, the therapy visits we made together. Your smile was always there, a spring in your step, a bottomless heart. You always gave your all, right to the end. Thank you, Mac. You taught me so much about life, living, dogs and dog training. You gave me your all. Thank you my friend. You have blessed my life and won't be soon forgotten as you hold a special place within my heart. Always.
All my love, Mum.
Hiking at Hooper Bald

Hangover Lead

At the bald high in the Joyce Kilmer National Forest

At home in 2003 with "the new arrival", Elvis.


Happy, Safe Summer!

Jazz sends a happy "Woof" greeting to all her readers! We hope everyone out there is enjoying their summer with their favorite fur-friend!

Don't forget to care for your dog in the summer as well as yourself:

Dogs sunburn too: If your dog spends a fair amount of time outdoors and has light colored skin, place a dab of sunscreen lotion on the bridge of their nose (where the hair is the most thin and the skin most exposed) and rub it in.

Monthly heartworm preventative is important, just as monthly flea & tick protection are essential during these summer months. But what can you do about the flies? Head to your nearest farm store or Co-op and get a fly spray sold for use on horses. Avoid spraying your dogs face when applying this product. If flies are an issue around your dogs face, apply with a wipe. Some fly sprays may have a sunscreen ingredient as well to help prevent sun bleaching to the dogs coat.

Glass: be vigilant of glass where ever you travel with your dog. Serious cuts can lead to an emergency situation and stitches. Avoid soft shoulders when out jogging as our litter-minded Nation has certainly led to the threat of broken glass at our way sides.

"Crash Kit": I highly recommend traveling with a plastic tackle box stocked with emergency supplies for both human and canine:
Nitrofurizone (stronger and thicker than Neosporin)
Hydrogen Peroxide
Iodine (stronger than Betadyne)
Pain reliever (human only)
Eye drops or saline solution
Vet Wrap (self stick wrapping material avail. from vet. Replace annually)
Syringes (no needles. For irrigating wounds and targeted application of liquid ointments. Large bore ones can be used for liquid oral medications).
Pepto Bismol
Band Aids
Sterile bandages
Tape, scissors, tweezers, wash cloth

I also try to keep on hand a roll of paper towels (1/2 or more used), 1/4 roll of toilet paper, 1-2 small bath towels, plastic grocery bags . When it comes to outings with dogs or kids, it's a virtual guarantee that some of these items will see use.

Have a safe, happy summer & keep your pediatrician and vet phone numbers saved in your contacts list in your cell phone, or tucked in a safe place (wallet).


All in Stitches

All the girls in Jazz's family are sporting the latest in summer fashion.....stitches.

Jazz underwent the common canine surgery, spaying, on July 3rd. Her procedure went very well and her recovery has been relatively easy. Stitches come out at the end of the week (July 11th or so).

For the rest of the girls, it was a bit more traumatic event leading to stitches. July 5th was a lovely day filled with swimming, snacking, fireworks, boating. Towards the close of the night yours truly and daughter opted for a midnight swim. Daughter Sarah made a run along the dock for a dramatic splash which was abruptly interrupted by cries of pain. I came to her rescue and was halted by a similar, painful circumstance. Pain seared through my foot. I looked down to find the bottom portion of a glass beneath my foot. I sat and applied pressure while the rest of the partying gang attended to the injured Sarah. Sarah was carried inside while I made a gimping dash. After some emergency care on Sarah the party atmosphere doused from some bloody reality...off to the ER we went.

As it turns out Sarah and I sustained nearly an identical injury to the big toe on our left foot. Both of us have a large, deep gash across at mid-toe. We don't know at this time how many stitches we each have, but guesses are "10" at the minimum.

Sadly, pet therapy visits are postponed till the Perry girls can again walk without crutches, and Jazz's stitches are removed.