My Spring Vacation

Hi gang! It's me, Jazz. I had a really great time on my spring break. Mom, Dad and the kids took me to the mountains where we hung out for 4 relaxing days in a little cabin in the woods. Here's some pictures that my Momma took:

This was Nestle's first trip away from home and to the totally unfamiliar. He was happy to find a "nest" full of Momma's things and her slippers. He also liked having some familiar toys around.

Here's the cabin Momma found for us. It's pet friendly so Nestle and I got to go along, yay! There we are in the front yard with Sarah.
Here's a picture of the inside from the loft. That's my boy, William next to the fireplace and there I am blending in with the wood floor!

This is the loft with that thing they called a "Pool Table" but there was no water....just balls. Odd. Anyway, the humans enjoyed playing with it. William slept on the low bed in the background which Nestle enjoyed 'cause he could see out the windows.
I liked snuggling on Sarah's bed.
Here I am on the back deck with Sarah and Nestle. Even though Nestle could easily slip through the railing (30' drop!), he didn't. What a good pup. That big box in the background is the hot tub which the humans enjoyed a LOT.
Nestle and I enjoyed the couches.
Nestle enjoyed the back of the couch where he was up high enough to get a great view of everyone and everything.
The humans took us to a place called, "Mingus Mill" in the Great Smoky Mtn.'s National Park. I was afraid of the foot bridge and wasn't allowed to go inside the mill itself, but there were lots of great smells and nice people there.
Here's the scary bridge. Momma's holding me to cross it. I was a brave girl and walked across the second time.
Daddy had such a fun time with Nestle. My little brother is 10 months old now....he's looking rather handsome, isn't he?!
Dinner at the cabin..... and there I am at William's feet.
And some hot tub time.
I had such a fun time! My special thanks to Mommy for helping me type this.


Spring Break!

Jazzie misses everyone at pet therapy! Her mom has been nursing migraines, bronchitis or a spasmed neck (tiz one or the other!) for weeks!

This week marks "spring break" on the Blount County calendar. Jazz is heading south to the Florida panhandle to partake in some serious beach time with her family. Her Mommy promises plenty of "What I did on Spring Break" pictures!

Let's hope and pray that the week of the 23rd brings fine health and renewed therapy visits for all!

Think Spring!


The Sweet Smell of Therapy

Recently I was at an event where someone sitting near me was wearing too much cologne or perfume. The overwhelming sweet odor nearly made me sick and I could barely breath. Having had multiple head injuries, my sense of smell is greatly reduced, so it is of some concern when *I* can be overwhelmed by such a strong odor.

During this odoriferous torture, I was reminded of how important it is during a pet therapy visit to be courteous of others in this domain. Perfumes and body colognes should be kept to a bare minimum, even better, don't wear any such scented stuff. Patients can be sensitive or even allergic to perfumes and you wouldn't want to spoil an otherwise good visit by smelling too strongly.

Even your dog should be minimal on perfumed odors. I bathe my dog with oatmeal (pet) shampoo as it is very mild for frequent bathing as well as being pleasant, though low on the odor scale.


Jazz Update

It was this month last year when Jazz aggravated her hip and after further examination we were faced with the probability of a total hip replacement for her (at the tender age of 18 months!). Along the way in preparation for this major surgery, I elected to have her receive a round of Adequan injections. Jazz improved dramatically to the point that surgery was no longer necessary at the time. A miracle!

To date, Jazz is still the energetic go-getter with no signs of lameness at all. She may need that new hip someday....but that someday is no time soon.