Time to order Lie Soap

Spring is here at last and greenery is springing forth with vigor! That means poison ivy and poison oak is up, and soon to follow will be chiggers, mosquitos and all sorts of wonderous things that will cause our delicate skin irritation during this delightful and long awaited season of outdoor enjoyment.

Even our own dog friends can experience poison ivy rashes. My Mother used to get vicious poison ivy rashes from oils on the dogs' fur. It's not fun for anyone, but there are things we can do that don't require chemicals that can be licked off, or stain our clothing.

Lye soap was originally known as a medicine rather than a cleanser. It was and still is a good way to treat skin rashes, chigger bites, poison ivy, poison oak, mosquito bites, athlete's foot, chicken pox and other skin irritants. True lye soap has no artificial ingredients, perfumes, chemicals or coloring. Lye soap is made from water, lye and lard.

Lye soap is also a ideal for bathing skin as well as hair. It serves as a fantastic "stain stick" for soiled clothing prior to washing.

I first learned about lye soap and all these great benefits over a year ago. So, I swore to try it exclusively for an extended period of time before singing any praises. I have used it exclusively in that year and I must say that it does indeed work! Only recently did I get a small patch of poison ivy on my arm and leg because I bathed with a commercial soap that night after gardening rather than with my lye soap.

Jewel Weed salve is also an excellent topical ointment for mosquito bites and other skin irritants. It's no Benedryl, but I won't freak out when the dog licks it off.

My fav use of Lye soap.... a hot soak in the tub with that bar of soap making the water all milky. My skin loves it.

Get the real deal from our friends up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, "The Soap Shed". Tell 'em Jazz sent ya..... They won't have a clue what you're talking about ... .. it'll be fun. :-)