Holidays and Therapy

Tiz the season and all that applies. Modern holiday activity seems to center around a bees nest of activities; anything from concerts to shopping, travel, meals, guests. Although it is traditionally "tiz the season" for giving.....we tend to get caught up in our own lives, our own selves.

Lest we forget those who are confined? People in care facilities not only miss their home, they are missing family, friends, every day activities and many are missing their own pets. Can you imagine being alone in a care facility over the holidays? What would it mean to you to have a smiling face escort in a fluffy, happy, calm, affectionate dog for you to snuggle with and provide some polite conversation that doesn't involve what meds your taking? Take time, make time. Share. Give.

More than one animal means choice for all:
Jazz is one of 2 dogs who regularly visit the transitional care center. Both dogs happen to visit the same day though at different times. One patient is a relatively young individual who's recovering from a second major stroke. This gentleman is quite the dog lover, however it's clear that he is far more receptive to Jazz than to the other dog. Why? Possibly because the other dog reminds him of a recently deceased dog he loved. Pet therapy with Jazz is so successful with this gentleman, everyone is quite thankful that he enjoys, responds to and works to pet her. We make extra time for patients like this fellow. It's worth it.

A wee bit on "snuggle": Way back when I mentioned that snuggling with a therapy dog is key to developing a snuggly dog. How true this is! We've had Jazz nearly 18 months now and I have been very snuggly with her. As time has passed she has gained in snuggle strength to the point of now being "very, very snuggly!". She's gotten better at snuggling in general and with other people. Keep the snuggles going!