Expanding our Universe

And a new journey begins. There comes a time only once in a great while when a dog inspires a human and the human travels forward down a new path as a result of this fine dog. My dominant, ill tempered, 117 pound Doberman inspired me to learn dog training and I then become a dog trainer. My first “obedient” dog inspired me to compete in obedience trials. My second well educated dog inspired me to teach and compete in agility. Jazz has inspired me to delve deeper.

I first heard of this special sort of “calming touch” in the early 1990's when I was actively competing in the local dog shows and teaching classes here and there. I was comfortably embedded within the local “dog community”. This was during the embryonic stage of what has become The Internet, where education is only a few clicks away. No one seemed to know anything about this magical "touch" and no one seemed to believe that radical change could come from touch. It faded away over time to the back of my mind, rising again 15 years later thanks to the living breathing world encyclopedia, The Internet.

I found it.

I found Ttouch.

I never do anything quickly, it seems, when it comes to big things. I meditated on this quite a bit, once I had discovered it last summer (2009). I read a lot of the background, theory, and application of this method from its earliest inception. It made sense. It made complete sense. I meditated some more. Then, I began trying it a bit and to my complete shock and delight, it seemed to be working precisely as described! “Holy cow, I've got something going on here. I've got to explore this thing further.”

I committed myself to a one day workshop with the founder, Linda. What better way to get a feel for this practice by getting a hands-on from the one who truly lives and breaths it. Nestle was my dog of choice for the workshop as he has more challenging issues than the dear lady Jazz.

The workshop was a "slam dunk" for me and an amazing experience with Mr. Nestle. I've committed myself to become a small animal Ttouch practitioner. Over the coming months both little dogs will share going through the training. I begin the first seminar in the fall.

Undoubtedly, the workshop with Mrs. Tellington-Jones was a magical experience helping cement a basis for successfully practicing Ttouch. Nestle indeed experienced a change which continues to blossom with continued Ttouch sessions. Jazz has come to politely demand her regular sessions and is beginning to learn to swim, the heat is quite the inspiration to get wet!

Amazing experience thus far.

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